Set sails and navigate with us to the beautiful islands that surround Sicily! On board of our boats you will travel in the crystal clear waters of extraordinary beauty and you will land in places rich in history and folklore, delighted by perfumes and unique flavors. From Palermo it will be easy to reach small oases, like Ustica and Mothia, or big pearls of the Mediterranean as Pantelleria, to the fabulous archipelagos of Aegadian and Pelagian islands, known for their incomparable coastal, the underwater beauties and for the sea beds, one of the richest for its marine species around the Mediterranean area. And finally the superb Aeolians, seven islands and seven thousand years of history, rich in natural and landscape beauties like few other places in the world. Our tours include a skipper and sailing charters. We also organize events, cruises and regattas for companies.

N° partic: 2 min - max 30
3 days - 1 week

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