An ambitious Tour, for the lovers of adventure, where you will finally be players of your holiday, not only as spectators but as actors, making you protagonists of your trip. We will create a Road Map customized on your needs, to discover those alternative circuits that have made unique the characteristics of this island. Imagine a horse ride between the Nebrodi Mounts with a dinner around a campfire and a stop at an old farmhouse; or a boat ride with the fishermen who will show you the ancient ritual of the mattanza; or even a ride on quod on the beach and among the ancient temples, or a dip on kayak between the gorges of the river Alcantara. And over all, as a backdrop, the landscapes of striking beauty that make the image of Sicily unmistakable. These amazing offers are addressed to all those who not only want to look at getting excited, but also "taste" the history and landscapes of Sicily, combining the adrenalin to relaxation and ease.

N° partic: 6 min - max 30
Duration: 2 days - 1 week

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