Straight from the pages of the most popular best-sellers you wil relive the emotions that illustrious sicilian authors gifted to the readers around the world. From Giovanni Verga to Luigi Pirandello, from Angelo Musco to Nino Martoglio, from Vitaliano Brancati to Tomasi Di Lampedusa ending with Camilleri and Leonardo Sciascia, we will bring to life the best stories that characterized the culture and tradition of an entire island. You will be able to choose the classic routes or interactive paths with choreographed and acted scenes. From these stories short dialogues will be extracted and performed by singers, actors and musicians who will transform the streets and alleys in a real live stage. Everything set to make you fall in love once again with those verses that told the authentic Sicily, whose charm brings back to memory aromas, flavors and atmospheres of a bygone era.

N° partic: 6 min - max 120
Duration: 3 hours

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