The Movie Tour is a route that will make you discover the cinematographic allure of Sicily, a journey into the film’s imaginary through the places that have been the setting for countless masterpieces of cinema history. During these walks we will take you behind the scenes of famous movies, by narrating you the stories and giving background informations about filming and actors, not to mention the historical and monumental center of each location. In addition to the standard formula, with the presence of our professional guides, we also provide for each tour a special option with the participation of local actors, who will perform on the way some scenes of the movies, in the same set where they were shot, involving participants in a very live experience, truly unique. From the history to the costumes, from its places to the mysteries, no other italian region, in fact, has been the subject of so many films. As Leonardo Sciascia said: "Sicily is the cinema."

N° partic: min 10 - max 120
Duration: 3 hours

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