Multicultural dinner based on the combination of haute cuisine dishes paired with different types of dance. The idea is to create an amazing artistic-gastronomic itinerary with a single main theme, in this case the fan, which represents a real artistic artifact that contains in itself the history, culture and the expression of the people. Each table will be set with placeholders and fan-shaped menus (yet other choices are possible). Here for you an example of fusion cuisine: Sushi based starter with Japanese Butoh Dance (1 dancer); First course of Cous-Cous with Moroccan Oriental dance (1 dancer); second course of argentine meat with a Tango performance (1 couple of dancers accompanied by violin, accordion and double bass); dessert of typical sicilian cakes (performance of singers, dancers and local folk groups). Each artist will perform the dance of his/her country, using the typical fan of their place of origin.

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