A fantastic dinner, full of light, colors and many animated films. A performance of jugglers, stilt walkers, puppeteers and magicians, for a fun evening suitable for all ages! We will take you to the magical world of Disney with Alice, the Mad Hatter, the Evil Witch, Pinocchio and all the characters who made ​​us dream at least once in our lifetime, with amazing sceneries inspired by the best cartoon in the history of cinema. Our Chef will prepare an amazing menu, ingenious and funny, full of surprises: from "Anchovy in the Pesto Wonderland" (busiate pasta with anchovies and homemade pesto) to the famous "Sword in the Riccia" (chopped swordfish with frisee salad), the "Melon King" (stuffed skewers of melon) and "Snow White and the Seven Veils" (Setteveli cake with brittle and white chocolate). A real fairytale menu for an exciting event that you will surely not forget.

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