A plunge into the world of art with a "masterpiece" menu that involves all the senses: from the taste to the smell, from the tact to the sight! The event is based on the representation of a painting, reproduced in large, analyzed and explained by an art critic while the courses will be served at sight and tasted by all the commensals. You will be able to deal with various themes on the basis of a single work: from the still life subjects (with different types of food, or just fruits, fish, or meat), or you can use the representations of banquets (such as "Banquet of the Gods", "The Wedding of Cana", etc). Here is an example of the evening with the food-art combination: Annibale Carracci, "the Butcher Shop" (oil on canvas, 1583-84) with a dinner based on beef, but also pork or sheep; Nicola Pisano and his shop, "Miraculous dinner of St. Dominic" (rilief in marble, 1265- 67), where the dishes will be made of bread and focaccias, as well as pizza and all leavened foods in general; Vincenzo Campi, "The fishmongers" (oil on canvas, late Sixteenth century), the theme will be of course fishes of every kind; Jan Vermeer, "Woman pouring milk" (oil on canvas, early Seventeenth century) for a dinner dedicated to milk and dairy products.

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