A surreal dinner ... set in space! "Star Speck - beyond the barrier of the pig" is clearly an homage to the media genre fiction franchise that began in 1966 with the famous television series. The menu is so rich and imaginative, will be an intergalactic journey or, better yet, "an odyssey in spice" that will satisfy all tastes! Here are some dishes we have invented for the occasion: we start from appetizers, or terrestrial crostini with freeze-dried vegetables and tomato SamMARZIANO. Following the first, as the VENUS rice BLACK HOLE squid and little rings of SATURN baked. And again for the second, A-CHICKEN THIRTEEN or chicken varieties accompanied by thirteen different sauces. As U-VA RAY fruit (ie white and black grapes arranged in a radial pattern) and for dessert a wonderful cake with dark chocolate dubbed STARS PAN. To finish the licorice liqueur BLACK MOON and infrared wine PLANETA EARTH. In short, a sparkling evening with other world scenes, laser lights and VUD, during which our guests will be entertained by our entertainers, as living statues painted with the bodypainting technique and where everyone can have fun with a professional makeup artist who, on request , paint their faces with fluorescent colors.

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